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My old Windows phone did read texts via Bluetooth over car speakers. Does anyone know about 5S or the iPhone 6 and Nissan Bluetooth?.
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I am also having the same problem as Michelle, above. I have also tried all of the suggestions on this page. Right from the start. Thanks Apple. I turned this off and now she gets the alert from my text messages. Go figure. Thank you!!! I happened to look next to my name on my moms phone and that was it! The do not disturbed was on! Nothing is working for me! I have iPhone 6 and version Reading previous problem pages relating to this,people have reported the same problem after using the headphones,which I have today.

Please help! I had this issue and did everything recommended.

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I even went to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store where they fixed it by wiping my phone and having me configure as a new iPhone. The problem appeared again when I added my old apps.

✉️️ How to Fix: Sync Does Not Have Access To Text Messaging From iPhone 📱

Through many trials and many errors, it turned out to be my Apple Watch. Problem solved. Not receiving any calendar notifications is a real bummer, as I would love to stay on top of appointments and events with alerts.

Open messages. Open their line of text and select the I next to their name.

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These steps work for IOS11 also. Just bought a new phone but IOS 11 was working on my old 5S phone.

1. Fix Message Notifications Not Working without Data Loss

I inherited this problem with the new phone. Step 2 did the trick for me had both my number and email address checked but I went through all the steps to step 8 to make sure nothing else was amiss. Thanks for posting these fixes it saved me a trip to Apple. I tried all of the hints and found it was the swipe left on the actual message. If you go to delete the message you can accidentally hit hide alerts. Swiped left and re-enabled and working now?

Messages recently stopped showing in notification center, which has been a major pain in the … as I relied on that functionality. I have an iPhone SE and have the same problems after following all the above fixes. Lastly, I get notifications for some texts but not for most. IOS updates are SO frustrating!

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Thanks for your help. My visual alert number on my messages on my IPad has not worked now for months.

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I am getting sound notifications but obviously unless I hear the notification I am not aware I have messages. Any ideas as to what I can do.

How to hear (and reply) to messages hands-free in the car

I have a friend with an I pad and she too is having problems. Is this a software problem? I have a 6. Problem started when my phone was plugged in on charge. I would hear the tone, but no notification. Go into messages and I have new messages. When I go into my message box, the text messages are there but show as read as opposed to unread.

Extremely annoying. With the watch paired, my phone and MBP are always silent no SMS alerts when the phone is locked and when the phone is unlocked, I get all the alerts on the phone useless! Done all the fixes, spent hours on the phone with Apple support and reset the iPhone. Received messages cannot be replied to with preset messages. Download and view messages manually from your connected device: Select Text Messages from the Communication menu. Select message from list. Make your selection. Select PLAY for audio playback of message; press again to pause temporarily. Select NEXT to display previously received message.

Select CALL to make a call to the sender of the current message. Our article content is to provide solutions to solve the technical issue when we are using iPhone, macOS, WhatsApp and more. Turn on Show Notifications. My old Windows phone did read texts via Bluetooth over car speakers. Does anyone know about 5S or the iPhone 6 and Nissan Bluetooth?. If you are interested in the content, you can subscribe to us.

And We also develop some high quality applications to provide fully integrated solutions to handle more complex problems. They are free trials and you can access download center to download them at any time. What to do when text message notifications not working in iOS 11? It can work in any language environment. For the first time you launch this app, you will be asked to learn the guide or skip it. The guideline will teach you how to use this app perfectly, so you may not miss it.

When enjoy the convenience of reading text messages apps, you should never forget to protect your data security. If you happened to miss out the messages or there is something wrong that your messages are gone, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery then may give you a help.

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